For those who keep a hectic schedule, we offer a plethora of weekend getaways that include Hiking, Rock-climbing, Camping and trips to the Beach. Most of the trips are organised in and around the city of Mumbai to save on travel time. So, if you don't have too much time to spare but still need to "escape", our weekend getaways maybe an exciting trip to look forward to.


For the busiest city souls, Explorers provides an array of mind boggling hiking and trekking options. Kick out the monotony of your routine life, pack your haversacks and venture out for a hike in the Sahyadris, Nilgiris or Siwaliks. Be it Bhimashankar, Tikona, Naneghat, Sudhagadh, Lohgadh, Mashobra, Saat-tal, Ooty, Panchgani, Matheran, Mount Abu, Explorers cater to the trekker’s best!

Dates to be Announced
  Wilderness Camp

Starlit skies, gushing waterfalls, dancing wild flowers, sound of the chirping birds, fresh morning dew and greenery all around! It is just a glimpse of what’s in store for you on a wilderness camp. Pitched tents, warm bonfires and a hot cuppa coffee are the perfect ingredients to absorb all the rare and exotic sights and sounds of the wild jungle! The peace and tranquility of being one with nature will transcend you into another world!

Dang Forest Gujrat: Peth February 13
Abseiling/Valley Crossing

The Sahyadris in the west, Siwaliks in the north, Aravallis in the north-west and Nilgiri in the south manifest a range of rock climbing, valley crossing and bouldering experience. Feel the adrenaline rush while you cling to the rock and explore another handgrip on the rock! This adventure sport is not only challenging but also one of the most popular! Kanheri caves, Mount Abu, Saat-tal, Ooty are some of the fine destinations for rock climbing activities.

   Dates to be Announced
  Natural Trails

Walk down the woods, soaking in the natural aromas of the wild flowers and the mesmerizing scenic beauty that the mystique forest has in store for you! Lead a life of serenity and restfulness, away from the hustle-bustle of city life and indulge in the luxuries that nature has to offer! Our expert Explorer Naturalists offer an enlightening insight into the world of the bees and the birds!

Dates to be Announced
  Cycling Gateways

Rid the environment of pollution and save your petrol money for a cycling getaway. Roll up your sleeves, set out in your cycling shorts on the trodden paths on an adventurous journey. Cycling is not only comforting, invigorating and fun, but also helps build the stamina and tones up the system! Pass along the woods and the rural areas without having to miss anything! Alibag, Kashid, Rewas, Mandwa are some of the cycling destinations!

Mandwa - Kihim: February 27
  Beach Gateways

If you are a sand, sun and surf person, then we have the perfect elements to make your weekend a leisurely king-size retreat! You can read a novel while getting a tan, or don your favourite bikini or trunks and soak in the warm water, we have options galore! As Dinesen said that, “The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea”. We clearly suggest the latter. Kelwa, Kashid, Manori, Daman are some of the delightful beach destinations.

Kelve Beach: March 21
  River Rafting

If you thought you had to go to the Himalayas for a spine-tingling river rafting experience, then think again. We can offer you the exhilaration of riding against the fiery rapids of the Pej and Kundalika rivers. Though it may not match up with the gush of the Ganges and Teesta, it can provide you with the thrill and chill that will be cherished by you for a very long time!

Rishikesh: February 19
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