There’s life beyond classroom and coaching classes. And there can be a classroom in the middle of nowhere. Some of the most important lessons in life are taught by Nature. It offers the biggest classroom and playground in the world. Our specially deigned action-packed tours, camps and expeditions for the youth (age 10 - 23) will broaden their horizons and draw them out of their comfort zone to face new challenges in an unknown environment.

All our programmes are led under the supervision of Certified Instructors. They have extensive training and long years of experience in teaching, risk management and group facilitation.

The Explorers have five objectives for all our programmes:

  • Safety First
  • Fun & Excitement
  • Personal Growth
  • Skills Education
  • Building Bonds

What’s in it for the youth?

  • A break from busy schedule
  • Making new friends
  • Learning to survive in harmony with nature
  • Identifying strong & weak links
  • Importance of contributing to the community
  • Exploring diverse flora and fauna
  • Visiting exotic destinations
  • Discovering intriguing cultures and tribes

Not to forget the myriad experiences that’ll leave a positive impact in the mind, body and soul of the youth.

Customised Trips for Schools, Colleges and Specialised Institutions: With over 15 years of experience in the field of Outdoor Adventure and Learning, we find ourselves in a unique position to be able to organise customised programmes for Schools, Colleges and even specialised institutions. After all, what better way to make teacher-student bonding stronger?

  • Curriculum based project trips for schools and colleges
  • Field trips for various departments such as History, Geography, BMS, BMM, Zoology,
        Botany, Architecture, Design, Biotechnology etc
  • Environmental education trips
  • Adventure camps & Recreational trips

Nothing can be more exciting than living outdoors. Which is why, we also organise adventure camps for students. These camps are designed to address needs such as Team-building, Leadership and Effective Communication, in the presence of nature. Each of our 3-15 day outdoor adventure programmes include an array of exciting and offbeat wilderness activities such as Camping, Rock Climbing, Rafting, Snorkelling, Kayaking, and Mountaineering. There are enchanting destinations for adventure camps like: Manali, Saat-tal, Kinnaur, Rishikesh, Ooty, Pachmarhi, Mount Abu, Matheran, Panchgani to mention a few.

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Take your lessons on history, art, culture, geography, zoology, management to a place more exhilarating and novel than your classroom. Our Explorers team, make your learning experience every bit innovative, unforgettable and unique. As you explore the history of Ellora and Ajanta, sketch the intricacies of Mughal Architecture at Delhi, study the various flowers at ‘Valley of Flowers’ for your botany project, research on the success of Sula Wines for your management course, Explorers will allow you to experience ‘fun learning’! We believe in eco-tourism and conservation of flaura and fauna. Thus, when safety, fun, personal growth, learning skills is assured, outdoors become your favorite classroom and nature your favorite school! After all, St. Augustine was a wise man when he said “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

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