At the Explorers, we have a different take on life. To us life is all about Learning, Implementing, having Fun and Exploring. When you put these four elements in a loop, you get what we call ‘LIFE’. And it’s best explored outdoors!

Since 1990, we’ve been organising an array of excitement-packed adventure tours, educational camps and nature trails, customised corporate training programmes, customised excursion tours and more.

Our mission is to bring out life in its true colours: Exciting, Adventurous and Challenging. Using nature as the educational tool, we offer vital programmes that span beyond homes, classrooms and offices.

All our adventure tours and corporate programmes are conducted in the presence of certified instructors and experts. Not only will they guide you but also help you understand your true side.

With over 15 years of experience in organising adventure tours, the Explorers enjoy a dominant presence even on roads less travelled.

We’ve been outdoors since 1990. Thanks to our team of adventure enthusiasts. Or better still, natural born adventurers. Here’s a quick look at the profile of our outdoor specialists:

   Aloke Bajpai
This post graduate from Mumbai University is the founder of The Explorers. He used to actively pursue his interest in adventure and exploratory trips during his college days & went on to do courses in mountaineering from the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darleeling. He has also done skiing course from the Indian Institute of Skiing & Mountaineering and river rafting course from GMVN. Over the last 15 years Aloke has led several groups on adventure activities like Himalayan treks, Skiing, Rafting, Camping, Wild life Safaris etc and trips to various parts of India, Nepal and Bhutan. He has also contributed several articles on tourism & adventure in leading newspapers & delivered lectures and talks on Travel & Tourism at many institutions & organizations. He is also the Regional Officer of the Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award for West Zone, India.

   Rohan Singh
Has been with the organization for nearly 10 years. Rohan’s specialization is in operations. Though academically he possesses a technical background, he handles our marketing and operations in North and East India. Jovial by nature, Rohan has handled several groups that have traveled with us on exploration and adventure. He is a true outdoor person, for apart from traveling, he is also passionate about motor rallies and participated in several rallies over last 8 years.

   Deepali Shahasane
Our affable and very much ‘sought-after’ accountant cum secretary is a commerce graduate from Mumbai University. Apart from handling the roster, she also keeps an eye on discipline and punctuality at our office.

   Deepak Chudasama
Has been with The Explorers for many years, Deepak is our man Friday. No one in our office can do without him. Extremely reliable and hard working, he handles all sundry jobs at The Explorers and sometimes accompanies the trips as well.

   Chandresh K. Sejpal
A street smart guy who is extremely passionate about traveling and adventure. He has grown his hobby of traveling to profession by joining “The Explorers”. Some people say he is always on a move from the day he has joined The Explorers. Though he has traveled extensively, the dream journey still remains, across the globe. Prior to joining The Explorers, Chandresh has dabbled in several kinds of jobs. Due to his varied experience he is also fondly called Mr. Fix-it!
Never deterred by any difficult situation he is a true ‘Die-hard’.
‘I seek difficulties, because obstacles and difficulties in life only represent a way of gaining greater self-control.’- That’s his motto.

   Gleeson Dias
Lab. technician by profession, but love for Nature, Mountains pulled him to be a part of The Explorers. Gleeson has been with The Explorers for 12 years and has escorted several groups on tours & treks.
Friendly by nature and helpful he is tough and trustworthy. Apart from nature he is passionate about soccer and old melodies.

   Jaywant Mane
Jaywant has been associated with us for 10 years as a tour co-ordinator .A professional Physical Instructor with a Masters in physical education, he is currently pursuing doctorate in physical education. Jaywant has been trekking in the Sahyadri Hills for the last 15 years and has a considerable experience in rappelling & rock climbing as well. He is a professional sports coach and a rifle shooting instructor at one of the most prestigious schools of Mumbai

   Azra Khan
Has been associated with us for 8 years. After traveling as a teacher from her school on one of the trips conducted by The Explorers she decided to be part of the organization and worked as at our office for 2 years before returning to teaching. She now accompanies our trips and camps as a co-ordinator on a regular basis.
She says: ‘With The Explorers, I learnt to be confident and enjoy life. I also made some good friends and learnt to deal with all kinds of situations in a supervisory role’.
‘Having seen almost the whole of India I now plan to embark on Globe trotting’.

   Dinesh Singh
A highly trained & seasoned person in his field. He has completed his 3yrs as a National Cadet Corp (NCC) from Kirti College. His love for nature and the excitement for Adventure sports saw him complete the basic course in Rock Climbing in Bangalore in 2004 following that he completed his Basic & Advanced courses in Mountaineering from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) in the year 2005.Finally completing his Search & Rescue along with Method of Instruction (MOI) from NIM in 2006 thus making him one of the few people authorized to lead Expeditions in the Himalayas.

 Nazia Hussain
Our very own superstar who has actually grown up with The Explorers. She started traveling with The Explorers from the age of 12 and years later joined us as Asst. Co-ordinator. Along with Darshil she handles our weekend trips and exploratory excursions. Vivacious and, cheerful, Nazia is a true live wire, who keeps us on our toes with her pranks and laughter. Apart from traveling she is extremely fond of live camera and has acted in a few reality shows and a serial as well!

   Lakshika Kapadia
A graduate in history from St.Xavier’s College,Mumbai and currently pursuing Law, Lakshika is an avid nature enthusiast. Extremely focused in her task, positive and lively ,she has been co-ordinating our youth trips and camps since last year.

Time and again we join hands with several organisations and institutions in India and abroad. And it’s all for the love of adventure and the passion to see more and explore new frontiers. In the process, we learn more from them and share our knowledge with them.

We are approved by Department of Tourism, Government of India. We are also member of Travel Agents Association of India.

We are official adventure partner of Duke of Edinburgh's Award (IAYP India).

We have also been featured in several leading publications of India such as The Times of India, Readers Digest, Mid-Day, Business Link, India Today.

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