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D o c u m e n t     M a n a g e m e n t     S y s t e m  


DMS is a data repository & letter management system for organization wide deployment. In any organization, it takes a big effort to store documents and letters. Sometimes, these have to be accessed long after they are filed.

Document & letter handling has been identified as one of the biggest effort guzzlers in organizations.

To improve productivity it is required to reduce the time taken to find, access & view documents and letters.

This system enables quick identification of letters requiring mandatory responses for managing contracts.

The Application delivers fast, cost effective access to a central pool of mission-critical information.

Reduces costs

Eliminates re-typing and errors with seamless integration to existing business applications.

Minimizes printing and duplication of documents as well as reducing the amount of physical storage.

Eliminates time-consuming manual searches of paper files or microfiche and/or sifting through unrelated information.

Boosts productivity

Delivers the right information to the right person at the right time.

Facilitates collaboration between users and departments.

Drives business processes through automated workflow management.


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