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Exim Plus 3 is the latest version for the Export/Import documentation for the metal industry by Compusoft Technologies - the creators of (Jinnee The ERP system). With the vast experience in the segment of mid range Enterprise Solutions and backed by constant valuable inputs from the people of the industry, Exim Plus 3 incorporates nearly all the requirements that could be thought of to automate and simplify the Export Import process. Exim Plus 3 sets itself apart from other run of the mill export import software in price as well as product features.

Exim Plus 3 speeds up the time spend on the Exim process by an average of (80%). AutoDocumentation, will generate all the necessary paperwork for the order for any originating country and for any destination. The AutoComplete feature remembers your regular shipping patterns minimizing data entry. Easily customized by the client Exim Plus 3. Notifications and reminders through the AutoAlert facility reduces the element of delay which could creep in through human error. Easily customizable Exim Plus 3 uses the speed and power of electronic data exchange to give you the cutting edge in your business.

Following is the list of documents, which can be generated with the help of Exim Plus

User-friendly System, with minimal Input and maximum out-put can be generated.

Data flows from Pre-Shipment, Post- Shipment to Post-Post Shipment covering each stages systematically, eliminating duplication of work. Databases like Scheme, Item Category, Currency, Country, Unit etc. are provided for your convenience.

Products can be categorized or sub categorized as per requirements and can be stored with all the relevant details.

Facility is provided for Auto Number Generation for transaction, based on your own format.

System supports Order Enquiry, Order Confirmation and generates necessary documents needed for Export and Import.

All the necessary Documents like Invoice (Customer, Custom, Bank) , Packing List (Customer and Custom), B/L Instructions, Certificate of Origin (GSP), Shipment Advice, Bill Of Lading, License Setup, Negotiation Letter to Bank, Bank Draft, Bill Of Exchange, Bank Realisation Certificate (BRC), Application for DEPB/DEEC, Debit Note and Transfer Letter (DEPB Sale) can be generated.

Letter of Credit (LC's) Tracking : LC's can be opened and ammended for the customer as well as for the suppliers (Importers).

LC's Ledger can be generated which gives instant status of LC's.

System allow Imports for Raw-materials and Consumables, Imports can be done with or without LC's.

Documents can be printed on Standard Pre-Printed stationery or on a plane paper.

Facility has been provided to edit the Documents on Screen before printing.

Keeps the track of all your Advance Licenses (DEEC) and corresponding reports can be generated to check the status of Licenses.

Drawback Register can be generated showing amount of Drawback Claimed, Received and Pending.

It generates Customer wise, Country wise, Product wise, Category wise Inquiry Register, Order Register, Pre Shipment Register, Post Shipment Register, and Financial Register.

Reports like Pending Inquiries, Pending Orders can be generated for a particular Buyer, Country, Category and Product.

System generate MIS Reports based on Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly shipment Graph, Registers and Ledgers, based on Items wise, Scheme wise, Category wise, Customer wise, Customer Item-wise.

It maintains DEPB, DEEC, DDBK Registers and Ledgers.

Payment Received (Advances/ Partial Receipt) can be settled against invoices.

Collection Register and Outstanding Payment Register can be generated on demand.



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