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A r p a n - Blood Bank Information Management System (version 2.5)  


Arpan - Blood Bank Information Management System (version 2.5) Arpan is a comprehensive Blood Bank Information Management System, readily scalable and adaptable to meet the complex needs of Blood Banks who are a key facilitator for the healthcare sector.

The software is designed to meet the complex recording and Information needs of a Blood Bank and is capable of delivering key benefits viz.


Arpan generates on line reports on stocks - Blood Group wise, Expiry Date wise, and more.

The Database of Donor can be maintained through Blood Group, Registration Number ...

Maintains unique donor identification.

Key consumable inventory management

Facility to track Donor types like Voluntary, Replacement.

On- line Inventory management system

Improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the blood banks -Faster response time, better control, Cost efficient.

Accurate and online record management is available within less time frame.

Blood Banks with multiple locations can exchange information easily.

Label generating facility for blood stocks which gives Proper identification and lesser chances of errors.

Blood cross match and result storage facility.


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