Innovation was and still is the name of the game. And since 2003 we have offered, to their buyers, the best and latest in fashion style jewelry from the very diamonds cut in our own polishing factories.  

Primorsky Diamonds' shop introduces you to a world of style and taste; an atmosphere of warmth and welcome. The collection suits buyers of every category. Offering jewelry to suit every budget, you
will find not only diamond jewelry but also the best quality, real diamonds at affordable prices.

Professional sales personnel will guide you through a wide collection of jewelry, patiently explaining nuances of fashion and style, aiding in choosing the right items and how to take proper care of jewelry. You can also customize jewelry or even have your items repaired.

Primorsky promise
It's an assurance for the customers as to letting them know that they have and always will get the best. We value our reputation which has been hard earned over the years. Each and every client is assured of top class service. Our specialists will help you with advice and our jewellers will do everything possible so that the jewelry you have chosen fits you in size.