I have travelled extensively around the 5 continents and lived in many countries, viz. USA, Belgium and Australia and have very rich experiences in the diamond and jewellery trade.

The trade has changed over the years and I have changed dramatically after I set up my offices and factories in Yakutsk and Vladivostok in 1999. We need to understand Russia in all different ways and have a very unique pre Soviet style of doing business (proveraya di veryaya).

Trust but check style and a lot of paperwork. Business might take a few minutes but paperwork sometimes takes hours. Laws keep on changing every 6 months and have to keep track of them. Russians are very intelligent in learning new businesses and adapting to world standards instantly.CEO Mr. Sunil Gandhi was the President of Vladivostok International Business Association (VIBA) in 2004/ 05/06.VIBA is an influential not-for-profit organization uniting more than 50 foreign companies and Diplomatic Missions in Vladivostok and is well known and appreciated for his gentleness and being a true vegetarian.