The first thing one must pay attention to while buying jewellery is the hallmark that shows content of metals in the alloy. For example, 585gold denotes that in 1000 parts of gold there are 585 parts of gold. The rest depending upon the alloy will be copper or silver. Different metals are used in different countries, in some places brass is used along with silver. These metals give strength to an item because gold on its own is soft metal which is easily deformed or scratched.

These additional metals give the colour range to jewellery. Gold items can vary from greenish to reddish in colour. Russian gold hallmarks are – 375, 583, 585, 750. The most common are 583 or 585.

If you cannot yourself decide on purity or value of an item bought somewhere else or in a foreign country please refer to our specialists. Still better avoid buying items in other jewellery shops except in a Primorsky Diamond shop and you will be safe from all risks.