A story that began in the early 1920s and is still going on strong and profound... rarity is but after all, a class apart.

Envisaged in, as early as 1922, Primorsky Diamonds is a family owned company dealing in diamonds.

Based on values and principles, in 1976 Mr. Sunil Gandhi started Sunraj Exports wherein we used to import our own Rough Diamonds. Exporting diamonds all over the world meant maintaining quality and thus the diamonds were cut and polished in our own factory in Surat, India.

This led to our entering the vast diamond business in Russia in 1998. And we opened our first diamond cutting and polishing factory at Yakutsk (Republic of Saha-Yakutia, Siberia).

Customer satisfaction and catering to needs were high on agenda which led us to have our second diamond cutting and polishing factory at Vladivostok, which was inaugurated on 19 March 2002 by the then Governor Mr. S. M. Darkin.

By 2004 the Primorsky family consisted of almost 250 people in both the factories and the annual turnover in Russia exceeded $50 million only.