Web Hosting & Website Support

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We offer free support whether it technical or business support we will make every attempt to resolve all your problems. Contact us when you have questions about email, directories, or pretty much any technical question possible. One of the reasons ComputingHost stands out is that we will provide you advise on how to build your E-commerce business. ComputingHost is very experienced dealing with the challenges of start-ups and we believe that our advise can become an invaluable resource for your business. You may use us for costing advice, accounting info, dispute resolution, etc. If you wish to contact us regarding a support issue, please use the following Contact addresses.


We have listed our channels below, by number, to display the level that support channel provides ( 1 being self serve and 4 being the most reliable ).

When an issue arises, please follow the sequence of channels to locate a solution or notify us of the issue.

SALES     : 3:00 to 11.00 GMT (Mon-sat)
24 x 7 x 365