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Website Testing

Once a website is complete the most important thing is to evaluate the site in terms of quality. How fast your website opens is a burning question that determines the success of the same. With a gamut of websites to choose from one may just not be patient enough to wait for a site to open. The ideal manouvering of a website can be determined by the 3 S’s that is speed, style and subjectivity. The content of the site must not wander from the main theme; it must be precise and informative.

Sometimes it is noted that even a very good website finds itself difficult to connect to other browsers. These may appear to be minor technical snag, but the fact of the matter is that this is quite a complex problem and needs in-depth analysis to be rectified.

A few parameters that are applied to check the quality of a website are design, justification, alignment, text clarity, website visibility and the right application of cascading style sheets (CSS). CSS plays a vital role in maintaining the look and feel of the website throughout the navigation process.

An all round performance test is run by our professionals to ensure that the functioning of the site is smooth and uninterrupted by unwanted outer sources. The flash elements must be in correct sizes; this helps them load up faster even in dialup connections with equal ease.

Lastly the site has to be search engine friendly. Your first and foremost priority should be that your website does not figure in too late in the search engine process. For the same purpose we have a specialized team who devise a strategy which involves certain technical nuances as to how your site should have maximum visibility on the web, like right titling of the pages and proper usage of keywords among many other factors.

If you already have a website hosted and are confused about the various do’s and don’t’s in the web arena, then feel free to notify the same to the Compusoft’s team of professionals. We will help you deliver the most viable and costfriendly solution in the shortest possible time.