Hair, the important part of our body adds to our beauty. But note that it is directly exposed to sunlight, atmospheric pollution, etc where it gets damaged. Crowning glory means really that a person is healthy and defying age. For improving one look and beauty we cut our hairs, trim it, color it, style it and even perm it. The easiest way to great looking hair is to take good care of it. Damaged, dry, over-processed hair is what we want to avoid.  


  The use of herbal products which are made from natural resources and ingredients is growing day by day. Mild cleansers take care to cleanse gently our hair cuticles and at the same time nourish and protect the hair. The herbal products act by activating the body's natural resources to protect and nourish the hair. Herbal products offer salvation against chemical and synthetic hair care products. Falling hair, dandruff, split ends, premature graying of hair and above all tension are the popular problems today we face. Our lifestyle that ignores nature, sun polluted environment, general diet and the chemicals we use for hair creates the complication we face today.  

Considering the above facts and an urge to provide natural, effective and reasonably priced products JPPL formulated some of the unique products in the Hair care segment. The efficacy and no side effects of herbal products are being recognised by the world over today. Fortunately people have realized the importance of nature and the potency of herbs.

Ayurveda believes that just external application and precautions are not sufficient to keep it full of life, strength, luster, sheen, color, vitality and healthy life long. This issue is discussed in almost every classical text in detail which shows that our Rishis (sages) were also aware of the importance of this field. Ayurvedic Ahara-Vihar (Diet and Lifestyle) concept are two major factors that influence whole body and the health of the hair as well.

Irregular dietary habits, Poor diet, Illness and Deficiencies of any particular Vitamin and Mineral affects the quality of hair and problems like dandruff, thinning hair, early baldness, premature graying, spoil the hair quality.

  In an individual the condition of the hair is the reflection of the complete constitution of his physical state. If the person is not healthy then the bad health will reflect from the hair. Ayurvedic classical literatures thrust upon overall regulation for hair care. Basic guidelines one should follow in life for wellbeing of hair are as follows:  
Regular cleansing of scalp and hair:
Let the hair dry naturally rather than blow-drying it.
Trim hair regularly to take care of split ends and natural wear and tear.
Regulate dietary habits and add nutrtuious food to your diet.
Sufficient sleep is also one of the necessary factor for stress free life and good hair.
Living regularly in the state of stress can lead to excessive falling, premature graying, dry, dull-looking, lifeless appearance of hair.
  Skin is the most important, biggest and very vital organ of our body. Nowadays pollution, unbalanced diet, tension etc causes a lot of damage to our skin. Skin covers the entire body and acts as a protective shield for all the organs of the body, so it is necessary to take proper and natural care of skin.  
  Why Choose Natural Skin Care Products?
Skin on ones body is actually a porous membrane. Dirt, dust, pollutants, and other environmental pollutants enter the body through the skin, creating a lot of problems for a skin and skin care. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) found that 884 chemicals used in personal care products and cosmetics are known to be toxic. In a survey, conducted by one of the Health Magazine, 78% of responding consumers indicated that they would rather use all natural body products which are available in their natural form.
  Natural skin care products are healthier for you, for your skin, and for the environment. But many products may claim to be all-natural while still containing a number of harmful ingredients. Make sure you read and understand the product label to ensure that the product you’re using is as natural as it claims to be.

  Here at JPPL we do take care to provide natural products in their natural form and that is the reason that our many products are in their natural powder form where in no harmful chemicals are added. Our Jainson Herbal Body scrub is one of the unique product which is available in its natural powder form.  
  Dental care is very important aspect in ones life and it mainly involves the performance of Oral Hygiene which is keeping ones mouth and teeth clean to prevent dental problems. The important aspects of oral hygiene is tooth care, gum care and tongue care.  
  Tooth care is brushing or cleaning the teeth with proper products and besides removing tartar and plaque to prevent cavities and problems is also important. Further once in a while care can be taken by getting teeth regularly cleaned and polished by their dentist. Dental floss is also used to remove the collector of tartar and plaque from in-between the teeth. Tongue care means cleaning if tonguewith the help of tongue cleaner so as to prevent bad breathe created by the bacteria that deposits on the tongue. Proper and regular massaging of gums with natural dental care products can help prevent weak gums and the bleeding of gums.  
  There are many reasons for dental ailments but proper care right from childhood , young age is very necessary and if it is done with the natural products than its one of the best things that can be truly done for dental care in a natural way.  
  The teeth of our grand parents and ancient people were strong enough because they use to take with the help of natural herbal ingredients such as neemstick, clove, bakul etc and other ingredients referred in Ayurveda for natural dental care. Considering this and an urge to provide the natural products to consumers and patients of dentist JPPL has come up with some unique products such as Oracare Dental gel and Oracare Ayurvedic tooth powder.
  Health is wealth is the general saying which we hear a lot of times. But we have to actually understand that yes if a person is really healthy than a lot of things can be done in ones life, because ultimately the health should support the physical activities in the routine life.  
  But if you see at today’s fast life than we one can come to know that we have really made ourself such a mess with respect to well being of health. It doesn’t very easily reflect in our young age but starts reflecting in our early and old adulthood. Our eating habits, diet, food we consume, working conditions, stressful life, tension, pollution etc are some of the main reason for our ill health.To compensate all these factors and remain healthy we need to take care with the help of natural products for the well being of our health.  
  We at JPPL are committed to well being of mankind and in that regards we are developing the products with natural health beneficial products. Our range of products is based on the time tested age old principles of Ayurveda and herbal ingredients and natural supplements. Our company is developing the products in the field of Nutraceuticals.  
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