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IAYP Business is a new Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Gold Programme tailored specifically for employees. The 18 month programme is designed to develop essential skills for the work place such us confidence, improved communication, leadership, resilience and team working.

In order to meet individual business needs it’s intended to be flexible and to be integrated within existing training and development programmes including apprenticeships, a level, graduate or other schemes.

IAYP Business can also link and enhance Corporate Responsibility agendas by promoting volunteering, involvement in the community, a better understanding of the environment and a healthier and fitter workforce.

Structure of the programme

The IAYP Business is a programme of activities carried out for an average of one hour a week (which can be blocked but must be continuous i.e. 3 hours every 3 weeks) in five area

Residential introduction and team building
This section kick starts the programme and includes an expedition introduction day. It will be custom designed to suit the company’s requirements and should be carried out in a residential setting. It could for example include a company induction and personal development activities such us in house training courses. Participants will have to work in groups consisting of a minimum of 5 people. It can be split into two sections.
Duration: 5 days and 4 nights

This section of the programme can be completed individually or as teams, in or out of work time. It can be integrated with in house volunteering opportunities and aligned to specific corporate responsibility agendas.
Duration: 12 months or 18 months

This section is intended to encourage participants to learn new skills, in accordance with their role and job competencies as well as business requirements. It will be custom designed and it is likely to be completed within work time.
Duration: 6, 12 or 18 months

Physical Recreation
This section is intended to promote fitness and a healthy workforce. It is likely to be carried out outside of work time and organised by participants individually.
Duration: 6, 12 or 18 months

Adventurous Journey
Provided by a quality and qualified licensed partner of the IAYP. The expedition is a key part of the IAYP Business programme and it is proven to develop confidence, leadership and teamwork.
Duration: 12 non-consecutive days including practice and classroom training.

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