Twin Shaft Disperser
Twin Shaft Disperser is used for manufacturing of materials of high viscosity such as sealants, polyetster putties, coatings etc.
Basket Mill
This is batch process machine for size reduction & dispensing of paints, inks, coatings etc. It is a use of Disperser and Beed mill in a single operation.
Frigmaires variable speed disperser is a highly versatile machine for the production of paints, inks, coatings, construction chemicals etc .

Visco Grinder
Visco grinder is highly recomended for micro fine grinding of viscous inks and coating to fine micron size upto 1micro. Hard to grind pigments like carbon black are easily processed in the machine.
Super Mill
These mills are used for processing of inks, paints & coatings etc where a high level of size reduction & dispersing is required. Grinding & dispersing takes place in a pressurized chamber.
Putty Mixer
Putty Mixer is excellent for mixing of putties and high viscosity material. The discharge is from the bottom Valve. Two shafts run in opposite directions. The shafts aret mounted on bearing blocks
Batch Type Beed Mill
Batch Type Beed Mill is excellent for grinding and mixing of paints