BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) has played a very important role in emergence of India as power to reckon with at a global stage. BJP not only provided an alternative to the Congress but BJP led NDA Government set a new benchmark of governance and development. The tangible benefits in terms of progress and development that the country realized due to far-reaching decisions of BJP led government are visible to every one. But we should take into account other non tangible benefits that have been realized by our nation due to efforts of BJP.

The experiment of coalition’s government by regional parties in the last decade of the previous century was not successful. Congress was still not willing to align with regional parties and adamant on forming a single party government oblivious of the changed circumstances. This crucial juncture saw BJP owning the responsibility for bringing stability in India politics and taking India forward in the new millennium. A new era in coalition politics was scripted when BJP supported by various regional parties formed the first large national coalition which was named as NDA (National Democratic Alliance). The first NDA government was short lived due to machination of Congress. NDA successfully fought 1999 general elections and formed government which completed its full term. A new era of regional co-operation emerged and successful completion of full term by the BJP led NDA provided stability and laid the path for future.

Against the backdrop of such invaluable contributions of BJP we examine the factors which we think should favor BJP.

The organization within BJP is based on meritocracy where people rise through ranks based on performance and their capability unlike Congress where loyalty counts more than anything else. Even the positions with in Government are decided based on their suitability for the job which is amply proved by accolades and awards that BJP ruled states are receiving for their work.

BJP led NDA Government facilitated the Nuclear test which raised the stature of India and world started viewing India as an important global force.  There are some other decision taken by BJP led Government which has far reaching consequences. One of the major decisions has been the GOLDEN QUADILATERAL project and PRADHAN MANTRI GRAM SADAK YOJANA (PMGSY) to promote economic growth through better connectivity. Even the mobile telecom and internet revolutions began under the BJP led NDA government, the rewards of which the Nation is reaping today.

BJP ruled states have been continuously scoring high on Governance. Even the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, headed by Sonia Gandhi, had acknowledged the same when Gujarat under Narendra Modi was declared as the Number 1 state in economic freedom index in 2005.

The single guiding principle of Congress led UPA government has been the lust for power. There was no ideology of this unholy alliance of the most unlikely minded people. The opportunistic alliance of convenience has done damage to the country in all fields whether it is economy, national security, agriculture, power and you as well can add on to this.

Since UPA was never an alliance driven by the national interest so it is no surprising that the nation and its citizen too suffered on account of this.  The necessary economic reforms have suffered under UPA due to opposition from Left parties who had been supporting the government from outside.  BJP led NDA Government successfully implemented disinvestment policies which contributed to economic progress and competitive industries. The concept of disinvestment went into back burner. This will definitely affect the employment generation opportunities in the country in the future. (Reforms taking a back seat in India, Will the Congress Government Press Ahead with Reforms).

As such India needs a Government with competent people to undo the damage done to country by Congress led UPA and take the country forward. BJP along with its allies has proved itself in the past and with your support will again do so in future.