BIGSKY Infratech Pvt ltd. - A Joint Venture between Big Venture India Pvt. Ltd & Sky Enterprises.

Individually both the companies started from a very nascent stage and over the years they gained confidence while working on various small & large projects, the experience & dedication during these years gave them confidence to add value and take risk without compromising on quality, time & ethics of business. Over the time line they enlarged their asset base i.e. manpower, strategic management, equipments, vendor development etc. With the changing life-style, taste and the landscape it was apparent to add value to the business for taking many more projects at- a- go in construction sector.

After a lot of deliberation and matching of mind-set, analysing individual strengths and competence the top management of both the companies initiated to have a joint working thereby creating value, brand for a long lasting relationship. The JV motto / Vision / Mission speaks for itself.

"Creating world class Structures that enhances Value, Outlook & Lifestyle"

"To Endow quality, with innovative ideas & technology that Escalates every project into a monument
augmenting one's affluence & taste"

The Team

Mr. Kunal Chopra
Mr. Rajeev Chopra
Mr. Ashish Chopra
Mr. Narendra Patel