Why the urgent need for water conservation?  

GreenSense Faucets are developed with a single purpose – water conservation. Every drop of water is precious but we continue to waste it like it is a free natural commodity. 98% of water on this planet is salty and is not fit for human consumption. Out of the 2% of fresh water reserves, 1% is locked up in form of ice in various regions around the world. Hence, only 1% of total water reserves is available for our domestic & industrial use.

Many cities in India and around the world are already facing sever water shortages due to reduced rainfall, man-made climatic changes, reduction in ground water levels, population explosion, industrialization and staggering amount of water wastages because of negligence by users & dilapidated water supply systems.

The importance of water in a country’s economic growth should not be undermined. Economic Times notes that many conflicts around the world are caused or inflamed by water scarcity. Extremist groups in arid regions like Sudan, Iraq, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Afghanistan take advantage of extreme poverty and desperation of people. This poverty and desperation is a result of failed crops and death of livestocks caused by scarcity of water. Governments lose their legitimacy when they cannot guarantee their populations’ most basic needs of safe drinking water, staple food crops and fodder and water for the animal herds on which communities depend for their meager livelihoods.

Water problems will not go away by themselves. On the contrary, they will worsen unless we, as a global community, respond and use water responsibly.

So, before it is too late, let us all, as individuals, families, communities, companies & institutions, pledge towards using water wisely.

Intelligence is not in lavishness but in conservation, so that our future generations can continue to enjoy the blissful feeling and touch of water.

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