What are GreenSense Faucets?  

True to our company’s commitment to developing water and energy efficient products, we are introducing GreenSense Faucets.

GreenSense Faucets are high performing, high water efficient sensor Faucets that can reduce your water consumption by 90% or more without sacrificing user satisfaction.

If a medium sized commercial building* replaces all their existing faucets with GreenSense Faucets, they can save 8080** glasses of water every day or reduce their monthly water bill by Rs. 3636**.

These faucets should be used in places where you want to conserve water and also want to reduce their maintenance bills especially at places like star hotels, all types of commercial buildings, airports, refineries and public sector undertakings.

Look in our ‘Sensor Faucets’ Section to find out about the available designs.
* Medium sized Commercial Building has a total of 20 faucets installed in all washrooms combined.
** Look for detailed calculations in ‘What you can save by installing the GreenSense Faucets?’

Note : GreenSense faucets are available in flow rates of 0.5 GPM, 1.05 GPM & 1.7 GPM at 80 psi’.
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