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We all know the benefits of SEO & optimizing the site. And here we emphasis on the blogs & its optimization. If we use SEO Services in the optimization of the blog with effective planning, then we will get many benefits by ranking in search engines like getting relevant traffic, increasing conversion rate, brand visibility etc.

Blogs are basically online diaries where you can post your articles & get comments on it by the viewers. Blogs are easy to understand & maintain. You can create a blog by purchasing a domain or you can create a free blog. Blogger, wordpress, typepad etc. are some free blogging platforms where you can create & manage free blogs.

Here are some basic tips which are useful in optimizing the blogs:

1. Content: Content plays an important role in Search engines. And blogs are all about the content. While posting your article in blogs, always try to write unique, interesting, keyword-rich content.

2. Title of the Post: Title must be short, catchy & meaningful. It gives idea about the post & if it is interesting then it attracts visitors to read the post. If you use targeted keywords in the title then it helps search engine to crawl that particular post.

3. URL of the post: URL of the blog should always be relevant & short. Also it should reflect the content within the blog.

4. Images & videos: Add relevant videos & images to your blogs. So that it enhance the interest of the visitors in your blog.

5. RSS Feed: Make RSS feed for your blog so that visitors can get information about the latest posts.

6. RSS & Feed subscription buttons: RSS & feed subscription buttons helps visitors or readers to subscribe your blogs RSS, feed so that they can get updates of newly added posts.

7. Add Social Bookmarking Buttons: Add social bookmarking buttons to the particular post so that, if the reader likes the post then they can bookmark that post.

8. Newsletter Subscription: You can also add an option for subscribing newsletters so that visitors get an emailer or newsletter for new updates & news related to the blogs.

9. Other features: You can add Q&A or opinion poll sections where visitors can ask questions or vote. These features are used to engage the visitors in the blogs & enhance their interest in your blogs which helps to get unique visitors.