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Facebook timeline: What goes around can come back around!

Change the way your profile look on facebook! Mark Zuckerberg introduces this new profile page at Facebook's F8 conference, Facebook Timeline. A brand new profile page, engaged with new apps and utilities.

Timeline is an anthology of photos, videos and status updates right from your birth till today. You can share photos of what you did last month on a vacation and how you feel today at work and in case, you missed out on facebook, you can always add pictures of the past and share it with your friends and re-live old times.

Earlier on, facebook users were having troubles to go back in time and find that memorable status update or an apt friend’s comment. Timeline maintains your events and photo albums yearly, so you can click on the year and have a sketch of main events.  It’s customizable. Narrate your story; collect pages of your lifetimes from drop to ocean, making it an electronic compilation of your life.

Timeline uses an algorithm to assess the most important moments of your life, which can then be edited with your will. Unwanted updates can also be hidden from the Timeline.

Social apps for timeline are something to look out for. From the songs you are listening to, sharing famous movie quotes with friends, books you are reading to the places you are at right now. It surfaces everything you can possibly think of having on a timeline.

I see the grass is getting greener on the timeline front. Organizations’ can present their growth over the years and their current status. A user can portray his/her life right from childhood till the time he/she gets married. People can raise issues/ debate about a certain topic.

Over the years, facebook brought lot of applications, but nothing beats Timeline and proves to go a long way with a thought of changed outlook about yourself since birth and the moments you carry along with yourself.