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Expressing is Easy!

Say anything with the push of a button anytime anywhere. Digitization has taken its toll in every personal life where you have the freedom of doves to express yourself or tell your story on a social page or on a blog.

‘Expressing is made easy’ via Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. For many people, it is a source of gaining interaction and gets more topics to debate on personal or professional level. Voicing their versions of life to advance their social beliefs among people you know or you don’t. Create a zone yourself; you can keep a track of your life by sharing your daily bit with the help of images, videos you want to share with your loved ones.

Facebook has come up with a revolutionizing feature of timeline, changing the whole concept of facebook. Timeline focuses more on telling your story, managing events right from the birth. So, that you turn back and have a look on it anytime you wish to.

A problem in social media is a lack of authenticity. People do social media because they think it’s going to catch a look and benefit themselves or their organizations. People tend to hype their lives on social sites sometimes making it hard to believe the person.

Telling your story through social media is a powerful way of getting your message to others. People buy your thoughts; engage in your perceptions as to what social media is capable of. Writing with responsibility is also an important criterion one should follow; the matter you create on social platform might be taken otherwise and might create a deep impact on the reader. You have the power to write and share. So, make it a wise one.