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Articles » Designing is to Catch Persons Imagination

Designing is to Catch Person Imagination

Graphic designers are the masters of creating a pattern to create visual harmony out of different shades of colour, shape of an object and various other elements to create a connection between all of these. Graphic designer’s communication is landed somewhere between the two extremes of human mind and shares the pattern to please the beholder.
Considering the fact, graphic designer’s work is under the cloud of lot of expectation in terms of professional ground; client still wants the best out of the best.

Here are few easy tips to remember if you are having a hard time with your clients:Listen to the Master: Acknowledge your mistakes rather hiding them. This will create a good impression on the client and you can sooner come to the solution to sort out the anomalies.

  • Think of idea before designing: Create a rough sketch in your head of client’s expectation and then put it to design.
  • Don’t throw any ideas: Don not put your hand in fire by expressing your take on the project, client might agree and change his thought process completely and create a new one.
  • Always take help: Consider your senior or someone experienced to take views to improve on your flaws and improvise on your imagination.
  • Create a touch base: Get in touch with the client frequently to know whether you are in the same place of thought where he is, it finishes your project faster.
  • Do not intermix: Do not share other client’s thought with another, as every person has a different thought process and different approach and expectations from that particular design.
  • Be the monkey your client’s want you to be: Always take client’s advice and make him feel like the God of graphic designing and you being guided by him.
  • Be flexible only till it’s accessible: It’s good to be available to your client whenever they want to be, but don’t pretend that you can work and use your creativity when you can’t.
  • Share only on Request: If client’s demands of your previous work then only consider reference of your previous design or colour combination.
  • Be reasonable: You cannot be always perfectly approach client’s imagination but you can always trick them to like yours.