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Articles » Do's And Don'ts before creating a website

Do’s and Don’ts: Before creating a website

World Wide Web is the most idolized platform for all kind of things you can possibly think of. Creating a website is no lesser deal now days. Having a business promoted on web is a major concern and approach of today’s business minds. Making a professional website includes lot of factors of consideration like demographics and content. Each aspect has its own effect on how people perceive a website.
Let your website do all the talking for your business. Here are few ideas which might help you create a decent website.


  • Make it a people’s website: Understand the people visiting your website, add the content and theme that fits and suits to visitors on your website. Know your demographics of people you’re selling it to.

  • Be thorough with your brand: It might sound a little strange but the truth is when it comes to describing the products and services of the brand, company fail to express as the person who is writing the content isn’t well-versed with the product. It is important to give clear definition about everything on the site to keep the customers coming to the website.

  • Delight for your eye: Your website should be presentable. Don’t make it too colourful also that make a person go away with. Think from customer’s head and use those colour combination which suits your website and brand and decent enough to view.

  • Bring ‘Focus’ on your product: Be totally aware about the product and services. Be precise and informative in educating them about the same. It makes it easier for the customers to understand what they want and in turn you come to know what they want from you.

  • Let the Facts/Figures do the talking: Present the company data in a statistical form. Add figures with the information you’re providing them about your business. It solves two things, firstly, they come to know your business better and secondly, you gain trust of people. Also, update the content as soon as possible. Make them aware about latest happenings by articles.

  • Embed Translation facility: If it is on web, it’s global! So, it is this can sometimes be challenging as we tend to use different terminology than other countries. Avoid slang and check your site with a translator. Check to see which words are translated and which ones aren't, then try to figure out why.

  • Maintain the flow: Be consistent in your page. Don’t indulge different templates/designs for different things on the website.


  • Don’t play the guess game: Don’t try to trace what kind of people is visiting your site, rather focus on what type of clients you actually want.

  • Don’t be too methodological: Write for the people you actually want as your clients. Keep the content simple and understandable.

  • Avoid unnecessary data: Do not add too much also about your company that people gets a headache or feel bored reading about it. Customers might lose track of the information.

  • Do not repeat: Avoid repetition of information, this might irritate the reader.

  • Avail contact information: Customers appreciate this and it therefore adds value to your business.

  • Keep it Simple: Avoid writing it in corporate English and multiple fonts. Use simple English to define the brand.

  • Avoid animations: Many users are under this misconception that people like the website because of the flashes. But the truth is, many of the customers get irritated by it.

  • Let the customer rule: Avoid creative cursors, full screen browser and unwanted ads in your website. Make it customer-friendly